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Your diabetes just got easier...

  • Save up to $213 retail value* in the starter kit alone. 
  • Get unlimited test strips automatically delivered to your door!
  • Get full access to a certified diabetes educator at your fingertips! Wow! That’s a retail value of $65+/hour!
  • Get upgraded to mySugr Pro app! That’s $2.99/month retail value all by itself!  
  • Automatically log your blood glucose values! Priceless!!! 

$39.99 per month - free shipping  

Bundle: Meter, Coach App, Strips

What’s the mySugr Bundle Starter Kit? 

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Your starter kit arrives in just a few days and comes with:

  • One Accu-Chek® Guide Blood Glucose Meter
  • One FastClix lancing device
  • One box with 102 extra lancets
  • Five boxes of test strips
  • Immediate access to mySugr Pro
  • Immediate and exclusive access to mySugr Coach 
  • (iPhone not included)
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What happens after the starter kit?

  • Pair & sync your meter to mySugr on your phone (make sure your phone is compatible)
  • Check BGs as often as you want! Log your meals, meds, activity, and more to get the full picture.
  • Reach out to your coach! Share goals and concerns to come up with a custom, personalized game plan.
  • Don’t worry about your test strips! We’re calculating your usage and will always make sure you have plenty of supplies.  

Why it’s so convenient! 

  • Stress-free strip delivery and re-ordering 
  • Automatically log your diabetes data
  • Get personalized diabetes coaching
  • No hassle with prescriptions or insurance  

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Most trusted diabetes app 

Over 1.2 million users trust the mySugr app. Lucky for you, mySugr Pro is included with the mySugr Bundle! Good bye manual logging! 

More awesome features of the app include: 

  • Automatically log blood glucose levels with Accu-Chek® Guide 
  • Get estimated HbA1c results 
  • Print PDF reports for your doctor
  • Log your carbs, meds, activity and more
  • Leverage your data with smart search options  

How does coaching work?


Meet Alicia D., RN, BSN, CDE, your personal diabetes coach. With direct, in-app access to your own diabetes coach, you can troubleshoot problems, develop a plan to reach your goals, or simply optimize your overall diabetes management.  

The mySugr Bundle gives you exclusive access to a highly trained certified diabetes educator (CDE) and saves you: 

  • Time - You get immediate access. No more waiting for the next available appointment, no more driving to the clinic, no more waiting rooms.
  • Money - You’ll have unlimited access included with your plan. The retail value of a CDE starts at $65/hour!
  • Peace of mind - Diabetes can be confusing and frustrating. You’ll have the help you need and deserve! 

Q: How do I get started? A: Just click on “Coach” in the mySugr app side menu! (after purchase of the mySugr Bundle)

Q: Do I need to upload data to my coach? A: Nope! It’s already available through the mySugr app! 

Q: Can mySugr Coach help me with urgent or emergency situations? A: No. For emergency situations please call 911.  

Q: Can mySugr Coach help me count carbs at dinner tonight? A: Your coach can boost your carb counting kung-fu, but can’t provide on-the-spot carb counting services for you. You’ll still have to do the counting yourself. Sorry for that.  

Q: Are there limits to how often I can message my coach? A: Nope! You have unlimited access to your very own diabetes coach, right on your smartphone. Super cool.  

Q: Isn’t it weird, intimidating or creepy to have someone else digging through my diabetes details? A: You don’t have to do diabetes alone! You can have someone in your corner who’s willing to jump in and get their hands dirty on your behalf. High-level athletes have coaches, right? You deserve that too.  

Want to see what mySugr Coach looks like? Check out this video.  

What our users say about the mySugr Bundle? 


Be sure to check out our 4+ star reviews on the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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